As Long as You can You can also be an Investment Manager
In the past, the asset management industry had high costs and high barriers to entry, and only large institutions could participate.
In the new era of financial technology, the cost reduction, the liberation of information, and the development of asset management for those who have the ability but no background are no longer out of reach.
Now, with the asset management business platform built by SINORICH specially for investment managers, you will be able to embark on the road of your investment manager.

One-stop Asset Management Business Platform
1. One-stop management of Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, global futures, bonds and fund portfolios.
2. Self-developed stock placement distribution system. Once an order is placed, it will be automatically distributed to multiple customers in proportion after the transaction, which is convenient for managing a large number of customer accounts.
3. SINORICH acts as both a securities company and an asset management company, and asset management customers do not need to find another securities company to open an account.

Comprehensive logistics Support Services

To operate an asset management business, in addition to research and analysis and trading decision-making, it also has to deal with a large number of compliance,
Administrative and customer service work consumes a lot of investment managers' energy and time and affects business development.
SINORICH Asset Management business platform has a series of logistics support services , including:
Customer Account Opening Support
Fee calculation and collection
Client Portfolio Performance Report
customer relationship management
Compliance Support
Let you sprint with all your strength, free from worries! 

Comprehensive Research and Analysis Support

Make you even more powerful and reward you with flying high!
Research and analysis is the core competitiveness of the asset management business, and investment managers need to put a lot of effort into it.

SINORICH Asset Management business platform has a series of research support services, including:
1. Professional research team: Regularly release individual stock, industry and market analysis to investment managers. In addition, investment managers may borrow members of the research team on a rotating basis for specific research work.
2. Sharing of analytical information tools: Bloomberg, Wind, Choice, Huibo and other financial analysis tools are shared and used.
3. Internal seminar group: SINORICH has set up an internal seminar group for its investment managers, so that investment managers can jointly analyze and brainstorm from multiple perspectives, while maintaining independent decision-making.

Based on SINORICH, build your brand

To help your business expand, AUM will rise steadily!

SINORICH will bring you to know different investment managers, so that you can have an in-depth understanding of investment managers and find the most suitable investment manager for you.
In order to develop the asset management business in the long run and gain customer recognition, building a brand is an essential step.

SINORICH Asset Management business platform has a series of promotion support services, including:
1. Own brand: The brand can be promoted individually (such as "SINORICH Chen Shunxin") or team (such as "SINORICH"), which is suitable for different investment managers' business models.
2. Sales management system: docking with the sales team, handling personnel, finance, administration, training and other work.
3. Online promotion support: social media operation, video production, website promotion.
4. Offline promotion support: administrative support for investment lectures and investment courses; media connection and arrangement of exposure.