The Entrance Fee is Low, Feel Add Code
Traditional asset management services often give people the impression that the threshold is high and unattainable, and one must have a net worth of tens of millions to participate.
Moreover, before customers feel the quality of service, they need to invest a large amount of capital at the beginning, which is inevitably worried.

In view of this, SINORICH Rui intends to bring professional asset management services to more customers through financial technology.
SINORICH's discretionary investment portfolio management service allows you to participate with a lower entry threshold*,
When you are satisfied with the service, you can invest further

專業資產管理服務 你值得擁有

Safe and Reliable Separate Account

Different from fund products, investors' funds are pooled for joint investment .  

The assets of each client who entrusts the discretionary investment portfolio management service are completely independent of those of other clients to protect the rights and interests of clients.

high Transparency Account Movements at a Glance

Clients will receive daily and monthly statements of all transactions and positions in the account . You can log in to your online account at any time to check the latest positions and account value. The transparency is higher than that of general fund products.

Flexible deployment Unlimited withdrawal of funds

Many investment products in the market have a lock-up period.
Funds cannot be withdrawn during the investment period, or high fees may be charged.

Participate in SINORICH's discretionary portfolio management services,
You can withdraw part or all of the funds in your account for free at any time,
Meet the financial needs of different life stages.

Various Investment Styles to Suit Your Needs

We understand that you have your own unique investment needs, and that one-size-fits-all products will not meet you.
Therefore, SINORICH has a number of professional investment managers who provide discretionary investment portfolio management services in different fields such as Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, futures, and multi-asset allocation.
Each investment manager is good at winning and has his own investment philosophy and style.
SINORICH will bring you to know different investment managers, so that you can have an in-depth understanding of investment managers and find the most suitable investment manager for you.